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Located in The nation park PhuLanKha. A large rock by the third group will have a large chunk of sandstone is white and stand out in the area. And the source of the stone white, and the area also has a large monolithic pillars lined up in rows of five. With a height of 12 meters was also an altar stone stupa shaped like a boat tilted tower of Pisa. And a tortoiseshell This is the first rock group rock group two away. The stones are shaped differently out. And when, about 1500 meters away, a group of three stone pillars which are stones and small rocks. The slope up to the chalk cliffs called the Otter Cliffs and stone white area, there is a beautiful view of the offense.

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The origin of the stone white: originally this area was wooded. Later there came the pioneer farm. And saw a large rock in general. It does not do anything The farm cassava (in those days), his uncle was a big stone in general. But that’s very bizarre. 5 is a large stone cube in the night (15th, 8) will have a white light shining up. Old people those days Call it stone white Stonehenge. Thailand’s “monolithic and rocks. That stone white, mostly white sandstone. There was also a purple siltstone mudstone, sandstone. This assumes that these gigantic rocks between about 175-195 million years and is caused by the accumulation of sediment, silt and clay.

Rock groups of stone white dominant group is the first stone with a large monolithic five trees lined the stone pillars are a height of approximately 12 meters from the largest to the people holding not less than 20. I believe that this will be popular in our time is not very long.

For more information on Phu Lan Kha call. 66-4481-0902-3 or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Tel. 66-2562-0760.

POI 16.054722, 101.94833

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