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The Nine Army Battle Historical Park Guideline Travel trip

Ninth war is a war between the Burmese kingdom and the Kingdom of Thailand after King Rama the Great skyline was strengthened in Bangkok. The new era During that time, the country is in the war coinciding as creating a new town house conversion. Including various palaces in the 2328 Bodawpaya king of Burma after the coronation as king Ang revealed then. To post a rattling Spreading influence The war has made the city a little city, including urban settlement to be unified. Then lift forces invaded Thailand. The goal is for the war to destroy Rattanakosin like the destruction of Ayutthaya

At that time, the Thailand King Rama skyline. Swerve troops mustered only 70,000 officers are less than God Burmese army as the two collide as former soldiers of the reign of King Taksin ever salvage Town Ayutthaya save. King Rama skyline. He plans to consult with the receptor antagonist. HRH Princess royal brother HRH Princess Maha glorious royal Surasinghanat front palace. How to protect your house Battle plans of King Rama I’s. Is organized into four military troops by allowing the first major fighting. Then take turns beating the remaining troops.

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